BBC3 Dual,pH,DO,Temp, Gen

SKU: 7919-0222020

BBC3 Dual Controller
Bellco digital controller with 6.5" touch screen & SST enclosure to operate two
vessels with dual sensor inputs for speed, pH, DO & Temperature.
Dimensions: 27.9cm (11") W x 20.5cm (8 1/16") T x 51.4cm (20 1/4") D

Right Panel:
DO1 pH1 Temperature 1
Left Panel:
Temperature 2 pH2 DO2 Network
Rear: No
Aux Com Port
Com. 1 Port
Com. 2 Port
Power: 115VAC\60Hz\3a

Loop Sensor Card Parameter Control to
below /above
0 GP1 Speed OHD / OHD
1 Temp1 Temp Heating blanket/115V outlet
2 pH1 pH Base Pump/CO2 valve
3 DO1 DO O2 valve/-----
4 nothing No
5 nothing No
6 Temp2 Temp Heating blanket/115V outlet
7 p2 pH Base Pump/CO2 valve
8 DO2 DO O2 valve/-----
Loops 10-15 - nothing
Gen Function is to be use with the OHD motors to receive the signal