Caster Platform

SKU: 7727-20700

    Triple wall construction   
    safety monotors/alarms
    RS232 serial port/data logger   
    LED digital display for temp, RH, CO2  
    Microprocessor controlled   
    25mm access port 
    Thermal conductivity CO2 sensor   
    includes 6 shelves   
    Can be double stacked- hardware included  
    Temp range: ambient+5 to 60C   
    Temp stability: ± 0.1C at 37C   
    Temp uniformity: ± 0.1C at 37C   
    CO2 range: 0-20%   
    CO2 uniformity: ± 0.25% at 5%.    
    Ext dims: 40x25x26.5" (101x64x67cm)    
    Int dims: 28x20x20.5" (72x51x52cm)    
    CO2 recovery rate: <5 minutes   
    Shelf dims: 19.5x18.5" (49.5x47cm)