Basic W/J IR Inc,120V-6.7'

SKU: 7727-24060

   Basic (Economy) IR Water Jacketed Incubator   
    Capacity: 6.7 cu ft
    Interior Dimensions: 20x20x28" (52x51x72cm) WxDxH    
    Exterior Dimensions: 26x26x40" (67x67x101cm) WxDxH   
    Temperature Range: 5°C above ambient to 60°C 
    Temperature Uniformity:±-.25°C @ 37°C  
    Electrical Specifications: 120v/Hertz 50/60 / Watts 550 / Amps 5   
    CO2 Range: 0-20%   
    CO2 Sensor: IR ( Infrared )   
    CO2 Rate: < 5 minutes    
    Jacket Type: Water   
    Relative Humidity Range: Up to 95%    
    Shelving: 6 supplied (16 max)   
     IR CO2 detection  
    Microprocessor Temperature control 
    Audible/visual Alarms for temperature & CO2    
    Accurate Digital Display    
    Heated Glass door  
    Autoclavable door gasket   
    SST shelves, seamless Interior   
    Infrared sensors: 
    Operate under the principle that a certain frequency of infrared light is absord
    by CO2.  The more CO2 is present the more light is absorbed. Advantages to this  
    system are that it is only sensitive to CO2, so its accuracy is consistent no
    matter what the conditions are in the incubator.