Back-To-Basics II Rocker Complete

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The Bellco btbII “back-to-basics” Rocker provides an easy to use rocker for light duty applications. It provides a gentle uniform rocking motion, required for even coverage of media over mono layer cell cultures (maximizing cellular health and viability).  Viral suspensions introduced onto a mono layer of cells will yield higher virus titters.  Additionally, rocker platforms are ideal for performing staining and destaining of gel and filter assays. Speed is controlled with a dial located on the front of the unit and ranges from 8-60 cycles/min approximately. Angle of tilt is adjustable, Platform tilt; ±12°.  Units are powered by standard 24V in-line power supplies and are CE compliant.


  • Dimensions: 10″ W X 10.5″ D X 4 3/4″ H
  • Speed Range: 8-60 Cycles/Minutes, Approx.
  • Tilt Angle: Adjustable; ±12°
  • Maximum Load: 5 Lbs (2.2 Kg)
  • Electrical: 115v/24v Fused At 1 Amp
  • Add 4” To Height When Using Optional Stacking Tray

Shown With Optional Stacking Tray 7677-2100

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