Sterile Graduated Conical Centrifuge Tube 15mL


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15 and 50ml graduated conical tubes in high-transparency PP with large white-marking area Withstands temperature extremes of -80C to 121C Includes blue thread-design plug-seal cap with ribbed edge for safe and easy opening and closing Conical bottom for total sample recovery Easy-to-read graduations are pre- printed as follows 15 ml tubes are graduated in 05 ml subdivisions from 2 to 15 ml 50 ml tubes are graduated in 25 ml subdivisions from 5 to 50 ml Sterile tubes are irradiated by ionizing beta radiation Designed for sample collection or transportation Apyrogenic endotoxinesfree autoclavable and carry the CE conformity mark pursuant to Directive 9879CE


  • Material: Polypropylene
  • Case Quantity: 50pcs 15cs