Perimatic GP Dispenser 110v-240v


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The perimatic range of peristaltic pump dispensers are designed for rapid but controlled filling of variety of containers with out splashing or frothing. The perimatic GP represents a lower cost alternative to the premier yet still offers many of its attractive features. Can also be used as a transfer pump in forward or reverse mode. Memory to store calibration values volumes setups for various tubing sizes. Dispense speed control handles most liquids and reveres priming option minimizes waste. Has XY module interface and automatic dispensing with interval timer. Supplied with 3 sets of silicone tubing assemblies.


  • Dispensing Range: 1ml To10l
  • Accuracy: 5ml10ml25ml – 151007
  • Repeat Ability: 5ml10ml25ml – 1751005
  • Maximum Tube Bore: 83mm
  • Tube Wall Thickness:  2mm
  • Pumping Rate:  21 To 220
  • Power: 220-240v110v-120v
  • Dual Selectable Voltage: 50x60hz 90w
  • Dimensions: 290xx250x150w
  • Weight: 7 Kg
  • Includes: Silicone Tubing – 3x7mm 5x9mm 8x12mm

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Weight 368 oz