1000mL Polypropylene Bottle Top Filter, Nylon Filter Material, 0.20um, 90mm, Non-sterile SKU: 2297-38000


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CELLTREAT Polypropylene Bottle Filters


  • Fits on standard GL 45 threaded glass vacuum bottles
  • Excellent chemical resistance offered with polypropylene housing as compared to polystyrene
  • High temperature range of 4˚C to 37˚C is suitable for many applications
  • Hydrophilic nylon membrane has excellent chemical compatibility with esters, bases and alcohols, and does not require pre-wetting
  • Hydrophobic PTFE membrane has excellent temperature resistance and is useful for clarifying aqueous samples as well as strong acid and alkali solvent filtration
  • Membrane Diameter: 90
  • Filter Pore Size: 0.2um
  • Case Quantity: 12