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The Sci/ERA Standby Drive and Alarm System are designed to provide the utmost in protection against Roller Apparatus failure.  Major features include a digital display of bottle speed, a maintenance-free battery and charging system, a motion detection system, internal and external alarms, and dual heavy-duty drive system.  The control panel contains all switches, indicators and alarms logically arranged into functional clusters. The Standby Drive and Alarm System protects against loss of cell cultures due to power failures, inadvertent power cord disconnection and “brown outs” with a auxiliary maintenance-free battery and charging system. This backup system may also be engaged to keep cultures rolling during transit, feeding and harvesting; a key switch silences the internal audible alarm during such handling. The motion detector system continuously monitors roller motion. In the event of failure due to the primary drive circuit, motor, or belt breakage both the internal and external alarms are activated, and the backup drive system takes over.


  • Bottle Speed: 0.1-4.0 Rpm
  • Standard Or 0.07- 2.2 Rpm When Specified On The Order
  • Drive And Control System: Solid-State Electronic Control With Precision
  • Full-Range Tachometer.

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Weight 500 oz
Dimensions 27 × 27 × 27 in