1.0mL CF Cryogenic Vial, External Thread, Self-Standing, Sterile


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CELLTREAT Freeze Cryogenic Vials are designed for storing biological material at temperatures as low as -196°C, in the gas phase of liquid nitrogen
CELLTREAT product descriptions are based on the highest graduation mark on the vial. Other brands may name vials based on actual liquid capacity
Re-sealable bags offer a convenient storage solution
External thread cap features integrated leak-proof seal, a long skirt for easy one hand aseptic methods, and a thread design allowing it to be removed or sealed with a mere 1 1/4 turn
Caps have textured ridges to provide gripping when wearing gloves
Contrasting black graduations are large and easy to view
Large white marking area for writing also provides backdrop to enhance black graduations
Self-standing base interlocks with Easy Grip Workstation Rack for easy one-handed opening