Bell-ennium Digital Magnetic Stirrer 1 Position 115v 36L SKU: 7785-D1136


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Bell-ennium Magnetic Stirrers are designed for both cell cultures in spinner flasks as well as for general laboratory procedures requiring the use of magnetic stirring equipment.  Bell-ennium stirrers offer the laboratory researcher a wide range of capabilities and the latest innovations in stirring technology. Bell-ennium stirrers feature brushless maintenance free DC motors with drive assemblies designed for quiet operation.  Stainless steel covers are stamped to show the vessel’s position for accurate placement and optimum performance.  The heavy duty magnet assembly provides the best magnetic coupling, insuring smooth even stirring of vessel contents. The Bell-ennium single position low profile chassis measure 18 x 20 x 3 3/8”.  Units are powered by standard 24V in-line power supplies and are CE compliant.


  • Number Of Positions: One 1
  • Max Flask Size: 36 Liter
  • Speed Range: 30 – 500 Rpm +/- 2%
  • Dimensions: 18″W X 20″D X 3 3/8″H  (45x50x8.5cm)
  • Power Consumption: 13 Watts Max
  • Electrical: 115v/24v Fused At 1 Amp
  • Environmental Conditions (Operating): Indoor Use, Pollution Degree 2, 4° To 50° C, Relative Humidity 0-90%, Non-Condensing.
  • Environmental Conditions (Non-Operating): -10° To 60° C, Relative Humidity 95% Maximum.

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Weight 500 oz
Dimensions 27 × 27 × 27 in