25L Jacketed Bioreactor System


The Bellco 25L Water Jacketed Bioreactor System is a complete contained Mobile Bioreactor Station that can be utilized for various Biological growth protocols such as Mammalian Cell Culture, Bacteria and non-biological mixing protocols. The System comes with a Control Box mounted to a Mobile Framework that controls parameters of Motor Speed (RPM), pH, Temperature, DO and Weight through a Weigh Scales Terminal.
The 25 liter Borosilicate Glass Jacketed Flanged Vessel, accepts a Stainless Steel Head Plate and SST Clamp, with accessible ports for pH, DO and Temperature Probes, and can come either Amber or Clear Glass.
Bottom Vessel Drain Valve allows for easy draining of contents. Side ports allow for easy hookup of water circulating equipment. Pressure Valve Assembly relieves any over pressure in the jacket. Vessel Platform holds the vessel securely in place.
The System comes with a High Torque OHD Motor, adapter and Impeller for mixing along with a cleaning ball and adapter for CIP application.
The System can be customized to meet your specific requirements.

• Type 1 A Borosilicate Glass Jacketed Vessel, Amber or Clear
• Bottom Vessel Drain
• Jacket Pressure Relief Valve
• SST Vessel Cleaning Ball
• Mounted Control Box 115 V or 230V
• E5CC Controller
• Tach Board
• Detachable Line Cord
• Mobile Framework with Casters
• SST Weighing Platform
• Vessel Platform
• 316L Stainless Steel Head Plate
• OHD High Torque Motor 0-150 RPM
• Motor Cable