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The Bellco Bench-Top Shaking Incubator consists of an incubator with an orbital shaker device. The Digital Shaker is a heavy-duty variable speed shaker. The Shaking incubator is used for cell culture, cell aeration, solubility studies, assay development and staining protocols eliminating the need of placing a separate shaker inside an incubator. The Shaking Incubator will evenly distribute nutrients throughout the culture media. In addition to offering stable temperature conditions, the shaking incubator uses the orbital agitation at variable speeds to affect the growth of cell cultures. Temperature is monitored and precisely controlled by a platinum thermocouple to within ± 0.5°C . A fan within the incubator ensures an even distribution of heat and thus a very accurate and precise temperature is achieved throughout the incubator. The Bellco Bench-Top Shaking Incubator contains an integral glass door which enables the user to check the experiment without disrupting the temperature within the incubator. It is continuously adjustable from 30 to 350 RPM. This Bellco design incorporates an orbital platform that accepts the 10” x 10” tray styles, including three equipped with flask clamps for common sizes of flasks. Peg and Grommet style trays make changing convenient. The timer circuit permits automatic shut off after 3-120 minutes. The shaker can accommodate a variety of vessels and styles.



  • Digital Speed Display
  • Timer
  • Locking Speed Control Knob
  • Two Color Power Indicator
  • PID Microprocessor Controller
  • Tempered Glass Door
  • Stainless Steel Interior