Bioreactor System


Control Features
• DO (bi-directional)
• pH (separate acid/base tuning
• Temperature (heating/cooling)
• User configurable input
• Multi step cascade of DO, pH and user input loops to any combination of pumps, gas flows and agitator
• Linear and Exponential Pump Ramping Modes
• Change by time and volume or flow rate or by gain or loss in weight with scale

System Capabilities
• Standard supervisor controls up to 16 bioreactors (8dual or 16 controllers)
• Redundant options are available for larger systems
• Expandable to 80 bioreactors
• OPC UA compatible

Software Features
• Lab dashboard ( all reactors) control individual reactors
• Historical collection (process parameters)
• Log alarms and events to SQL data base and configurable as absolute or relative
• Calibration Wizards (drive accuracy and consistency of DO and pH readings
• 21CFR11 user management full audit trial
• Manage experiment data (Log Start and end of experiments) (create custom markers to log events such as induction, feeds and samples during run)
• Manage samples (enter corrections to DO and pH reading
• Data retrieval by time or experiment for trend viewing or export to csv
• User configurable: Notifications via e-mail or text based on process conditions or time period
• User defined Macros for recipe setpoint download or advanced coordination of setpoint changes or device control based on time or process condition
• Remote access for service and support via outbound only port


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