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The Bellco Cell Production Roller Apparatus has been designed for production of animal cells, viruses, and cell products. Modular units are available from 5 to 45 bottle positions and allow easy expansion with modular add-on decks. Non-modular production units come in 45 and 50 bottle positions with over 80,000 cm2 of surface area. Rollers have a key design to eliminate slipping and are easily removable for servicing of bearings. Rollers are formulated from a chemical-resistant non-slip EDPM. All units feature a solid-state control with heavy-duty DC motor and digital display.

Optional All Position Drives are available for use with plastic roller bottles to prevent slipping of the light-weight bottles.




Bottle Speed: 0.1 – 4.0 RPM Standard

Drive and Control System: Solid-state electronic control with digital display.

Tolerance: +/- 2%


Electrical Rating: 7631-71000 100±10 VAC@ 50 Hz line voltage
(Base number) 3.0 Amp@ 100V, 50 Hz power consumption
7631-75000 115±10 VAC@ 60 Hz line voltage
3.0 Amp@ 115V, 60 Hz power consumption
7631-75220 230±10 VAC @ 50/60 Hz line voltage
2.0 Amp@ 50/60 Hz power consumption


  • Base and 6 Decks
  • Capacity: 35 vessels
  • CM Dimensions: 145 x 76 x 63
  • IN Dimensions:  57 x 30 x 24 ¾

Roller Shaft Construction: Non-transferring chemical-resistant rubber rollers with key-shape.

Clearance between Decks for Bottle Placement: 134 mm

Construction Material: Aluminum, enamel finish.

Usable Roller Length: 51 cm



  • Brushless motor with controller for smooth operation and no maintenance Easy-to-remove roller bar assembly (tool provided)
  • Digital LCD display Locking speed control knob
  • Rotation switch for CW and CCW operation
  • Accepts all Bellco Roller Bottles (glass or plastic* in 110mm or 120mm diameter)

* 7630-50555 All Position Drive is recommended for use with plastic bottles