Chamber Cell Culture Slide

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Grow cells directly on the slide without any need for future transfer; ideal for growing and viewing cells under a microscope on standard 25mm x 75mm slide. Integrated gasket prevents cross-contamination between chambers. Inert hydrophobic green border printed on slide to define cell culture area. Chamber holder features easy flip locks for assembly/disassembly; no separation tool required.


  • Packing trays can be used as incubation racks in CO2 incubators
  • Uniform hydrophilic surface ideal for consistent cell attachment
  • Slides are labeled with numeric markings
  • Adhesive free

Case Quantity:

  • 2291-61000: 12
  • 2291-62000: 12
  • 2291-64000: 12
  • 2291-68000: 12