Mettler Ingold DO Probe w/ VP Connector 12x225mm


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Mettler Ingold DO Probe w/VP Connection.


  • Measurement Principle: Amperometric / Polarographic
  • Pressure Resistance Measurement: 0.2 – 6 Bar Absolute
  • Mechanical Pressure Resistance: Max. 12 Bar (174.0 Psi) Absolute
  • Measuring Temperature Range: 0 – 80°C  (32 – 176°F)
  • Temperature Range: -5 – 140°C (23 – 284°F)
  • Temperature Compensation: Automatic With Built In Rtd
  • Cable Connection: Vario Pin (Ip68)
  • O-Ring Material: Vitron, Silicone (Fda Approved)
  • Membrane Material: Teflon / Silicone / Teflon (Reinforced With Steel Mesh)
  • Quick Disconnect Interior Body: Standard
  • Cathode: Pt
  • Anode: Ag
  • Guard Ring: No
  • Sensor Diameter: 12mm
  • Immersion Length: 225mm
  • Detection Limit: 6ppb
  • Accuracy: 1% Or 4ppb
  • Response Time @25°C (Air To N2): 98% Of Final Value <90s
  • Sensor Signal In Ambient Air (25°C): 40 – 110na
  • Residual Signal In Oxygen-Free Medium: <0.1% Of The Signal In Ambient Air.
  • Max. Flow Error: Less Than Or Equal To: 5%
  • Certification: Ehedg, 3a, 3.1b (En 10204.3.1b)


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