Hi-Torq Over Head Drive Adapter 100mm SKU: 7764-74000


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Hi -Torque Over Head Drive Adapter is used in conjunction with the High-Torque OHD Motor to drive the impeller assembly for mixing within a vessel. Used with 100mm cap assembly.


  • 316 L SST Design With Polyester/SST Bearing
  • Includes Two (2) 1/4″ NPT Female Plugged Ports For Optimal Fittings
  • Dimensions 3 3/4″ L X 3 3/4″ W X T 1/2″ Tall (Including Dust Shield Coupling)
  • Designed To Fit With OHD High Torque OHD Setups
  • Adapts All Bellco PTFE Impeller Assemblies Or SST Impeller Assemblies





Additional information

Weight 500 oz
Dimensions 27 × 27 × 27 in