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Bellco’s Sci-ERA Hot Shaker Plus is a slow speed, large orbit shaker for the incubation of electrophoretic gels and filter hybridization media. Stringent temperature control with a sensitivity of +/-0.1oC is useful for many biochemical assays. This Bellco design incorporates a seamless stainless steel lined temperature controlled water bath mounted on a low-profile one inch orbiting platform.  The unique chamber design offers simple containment of potential spills.  The chamber is completely isolated from electromechanical components. The Sci-ERA Hot Shaker Plus has an audible over-temperature alarm.  Built-in safety features prevent heater burn-out. An easy-to-use microprocessor controller offers stringent temperature control.


  • Orbit: 1″ (One Inch)
  • Overall Dimensions: 56 X 56 X 33 (W X D X H cm)
  • Chamber Dimensions: 42 X 27 X 10 (W X D X H cm)
  • Volume: 3 Gallon (12l)
  • Speed Range: 0 – 85 Oscillations Per Minute
  • Temperature Control: 18° C Or Ambient +5°C (Whichever Is Higher) To 99.9°C
  • Electrical Rating: 115 +/- 10 Vac @ 60 Line Voltage, 5.0 Amp @ 115v, 60hz Power Consumption.
  • Environmental Conditions, (Operating): Indoor Use, Pollution Degree 2, 4° To 50° C, Relative Humidity 0-90%, Non-Condensing.
  • Environmental Conditions, (Non-Operating): -10° To 60° C,
    Relative Humidity 95% Maximum.
  • Includes: SST Lid & Glass Dish
  • Use Only Distilled Water


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Weight 960 oz
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