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The motion alarm monitors the rotation of all rollers. If a belt should break or motor fail in some way, an audible alarm will be produced and the remote alarm jack will be enabled. This alarm will continue until either the problem is fixed or the alarm is silenced by pressing the alarm silence button located on the rear of the control box. Remote alarm jack (provided with motion alarm option). The remote alarm jack is a 1/4″ phone jack located on the back of the unit. If the operating speed drops to zero, a normally open relay contact will close to enable a remote alarm and power supply. The contact limits are 1amp to 125vac or dc. Note that these alarm points are non-latching and non-fail safe. They are not intended to provide process monitoring. They are intended to provide a remote signal if the equipment exceeds the design speed range while operating. External connections are made to the tip and the ring circuits of the supplied phone jack. The shell (ground) connections are not used.

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