Mettler Ingold pH Probe 12x225mm SKU: 7803-21300


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Electrodes are filled with gel reference electrolyte under a pressure of 25 BAR pressure range from vacuum up to a process of max 36 PSI 25 BAR. Temperature range steam sterilization autoclave to 266F to 130C. In-Situ sterilization up to 100 cycles under standard conditions. Gel electrolyte eliminates fill requirements to reduce maintenance. Patented silver-ion trap prevents sulfide-bearing poisoning of the liquid junction increasing electrode life even in sulfide-bearing media suitable for direct insertion through compression fittings or top or side mounting in a stationary or retractable housing. Engraved serial number on each electrode for easy identification when working under GMP.


  • pH Range 0-12
  • Cable Connector K8s
  • Sensor Thread Standard Metric Pg 135
  • Fully Autoclavable Or In-Situ Sterilization For Hygienic Cip/ Sip
  • Size: 12x225mm

Additional information

Weight 500 oz
Dimensions 27 × 27 × 27 in

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