Serological Pipette 25x.1mL Cotton Plug Top and Large Orifice SKU: 1232-25010


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Bellco manufactures all precision pipettes from Type 1 Class A Borosilicate Glass. All Bellco pipettes feature tempered tips and permanent silk screened graduations to withstand repeated usage and alkali washings.


  • 3mm Orifice For Handling Tissue Homogenates, Cell Suspensions
  • Constricted Top For Cotton Plugging (Supplied Without Cotton)
  • Calibrated To Tip
  • Tempered Tip;To Deliver;Blow Out
  • Tolerance +-(ML): 0.1
  • Oal (MM): 400
  • Color Code: White
  • Case Quantity:18

Additional information

Weight 500 oz
Dimensions 27 × 27 × 27 in

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