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The CellTrol II can be configured to accept a variety of analog probe signals from a cell culture vessel. Standard signals include pH, dissolved oxygen, temperature, weight, redox, and tachometer feedback from the agitator. A digital input signal from a level probe can be used for anti-foam addition for level control. The CellTrol II control module monitors bioreactor process valves and performs PLC ( Allen-Bradley Programmable Logic Controller) based process control. A touch screen operator interface provides access to all based PLC control functions and allows viewing and modification of control parameters. PLC control drives the inc/dec outlets assigned to each channel as well as to pumps mounted on the front of the unit. The pump assignments are user defined from the operator interface. Cell-Soft Software are also available, optional tethered speed drive, optional single support flow station and weight platforms are sold separately.


  • Dimensions: 20.5”H X 13”W X 24”D (51 X 33 X 61cm)
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Line Power: 115v Ac @ 15amp 50/60hz, Consumption: Up To 12 Amps Depending Upon Configuration.
  • Operator Interface:  6” Color Touch Screen.
  • Input Types: RTD, pH Probe, Do Probe, Foam/Level (Digital Input) Heater Blanket: 2 @ 600w.(Maximum 600w – Do Not Exceed)
  • Control Inputs: 8 Outlets, 120vac Inc/Dec Outlets (2 Per Channel) Two Through Six User-Assigned Pumps Depending Upon Configuration 1rpm, 4rpm, Or 10rpm (Customer Specified).
  • Alarms: Operator Programmable.
  • Communications: TCI/IP Protocol Standard.


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