Stainless Steel Bioreactor Headplate

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Universal headplate for 3 Liter vessels. Headplates are used with the large flange vessel to seal and to provide ports for access to the interior of the vessel. The 18-port headplate is most used since more components can be fitted into its ports. The impeller is always positioned in the center drive port and a variety of components, probes, harvesting tubes, and thermowells can be added as needed. Headplates and all stainless steel components of the bioreactor systems are electropolished to seal the surface against bacterial contamination that might occur with a rough surface. Includes red silicone o-ring and 200mm t-bolt clamp.


  • Large Flange Headplate 10-Port 8″ X.25″ Thickness
  • 6@ 1/4″ OD
  • 4@ 1/2″ OD
  • 1 Center For Drive Motor
  • 1964-90115 1/4″ Compression Fitting
  • 1964-90120 1/2″ Compression Fitting
  • 1964-90125 5/16″ Compression Fitting (Thermowell)




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