Portable Pipet-Aid XP 220v-CE w/ Charger and 4 Replacement Filters SKU: 1225-86220


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Specifically designed to minimize operator fatigue. The portable pipet-aid XP is smaller and lightweight. It accepts most pipets from 1-100mL. Depressing the top button fills the pipet, the lower button empties it. The flow rate is proportional to the amount each button is depressed. Each button has 3 speeds, (fast, medium, slow) The medium speed is suitable for most routine techniques. Fast can be used for rapid filling of large pipets or breaking up cell clumps. Slow speed is ideal when using small pipets or when more precise delivery is required. The XP is powered by a nickle metal Hydride NI-MH 9 volt rechargeable battery. To obtain maximum life from the battery, recharge overnight as a routine. It incorporates a tissue culture nose piece which features a unique filter element. The TC filter will cease to allow air to pass in either direction if it becomes wet, alerting the user to possible contamination of the rubber insert.


  • Supplied With 230 V Rechargeable And 4 Replacement Filters
  • Speed Control
  • Includes Battery Charger
  • Self-Locking Double Membrane Filter
  • The Lighter More Compact Portable Pipet-Aid
  • Nine Independently Controlled Fill And Empty Speed Range Options
  • Easy Access Battery Replacement
  • Locking Nose-Piece
  • Removable Stand holster Wall Bracket Included

Additional information

Weight 500 oz
Dimensions 27 × 27 × 27 in

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