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The screw cap is made from a material of highest chemical resistance TPCH260 in order to prevent the medium from being contaminated in any form. The cap does not contain any colorants or plastic pigments. The silicone seal is coated with PTFE on both sides for highest demands on chemical resistance. The seal is firmly fixed to the cap thus preventing the medium from leaking into the space between the lid. It remains extremely tight even after having been opened and closed several times. The matching pouring ring guarantees non-dipping safe handling.  Universally applicable premium cap for all GL45 thread meets the highest demands for storing, and packaging products from  pharmaceutical, chemical industries. The premium cap is characterized by it temperature resistance ranging from -196C to 260C. Due to high temperature range this cap is suitable for many sterilization methods such as autoclaving or dry heat sterilization. Packed 5 per case.

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Weight 42 oz