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Do you have a need? Is there something you need, which you haven’t found on our website? Please fill out our Engineering Form to get your customized quote now. Can’t find the form or haven’t seen the pop-up? That’s ok! You can also send an email request at engineering@bellcoglass.com. You can also fill out the […]

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88 Position Bottom Drive Roller Apparatus

Roller Apparatus SKU 7460-S0002  Large Capacity Bottom Drive Roller Apparatus Various Position Digital 230V and 115V with Battery Back-up (BB) Available in 2-100 Position Rollers Motion Alarm included and installed Touchscreen interface for custom speed range of .1-6.0 RPM Available 0.3-9.0 RPM stock speed range Battery Backup Add this item to your quote today by […]

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CO2 Incubator

Bellco CO2 Incubator SKU: 7728-00230 Bellco CO2 Incubators are available in a range from 28-63 cubic feet of volume and are designed for use with Bellco’s Cell Production Roller Apparatus (CPRA). One internal convenience outlet on top allows simple connection to internally placed appliances such as CPRA, Roller Drums, Magnetic Stirrers, etc. Fans take air […]

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