Why should you buy a roller apparatus when you buy a CO2 Incubator?

Bellco Glass, Inc. offers a roller apparatus that, when paired with a CO2 incubator, provides several benefits and perks for cell culture applications. Here are some of the advantages:

-Enhanced cell culture conditions: The roller apparatus allows for the cultivation of adherent cells in a dynamic environment. By continuously rotating the culture vessels, it promotes better nutrient and gas exchange, mimicking the conditions found in vivo.

-Uniform cell distribution: The rolling motion of the apparatus ensures a more even distribution of cells on the culture surface. This helps to prevent clumping and facilitates the growth of cells in a monolayer, which is particularly beneficial for certain cell types.

Increased cell viability: The gentle rocking action of the roller apparatus minimizes shear stress on cells, reducing the risk of cell damage. This promotes higher cell viability and enhances overall cell health during long-term culture.

Improved cell productivity: The dynamic environment provided by the roller apparatus stimulates cell metabolism and can enhance cell productivity. This is especially valuable for applications such as bioproduction, where higher yields are desired.

-Scalability and flexibility: Bellco Glass offers roller apparatuses in various sizes and configurations, allowing for scalability based on your specific needs. This flexibility enables researchers to accommodate different cell culture volumes and vessel types, ranging from small-scale experiments to large-scale production.

-Compatibility with CO2 incubators: When paired with a CO2 incubator, the roller apparatus maintains optimal temperature, humidity, and CO2 levels required for cell growth. This combination ensures stable and controlled culture conditions, essential for maintaining cell viability and consistency.

-Time and labor savings: The roller apparatus automates the rolling motion required for cell culture, reducing the need for manual handling. This saves time and effort in maintaining cultures, allowing researchers to focus on other critical tasks.

-Reliable and durable design: Bellco Glass is known for its high-quality laboratory equipment. The roller apparatus is designed to be robust and long-lasting, ensuring reliable performance over extended periods of use.

It’s worth noting that specific features and advantages may vary depending on the model and configuration of the roller apparatus offered by Bellco Glass, Inc. For the most accurate and up-to-date information, it is recommended to refer to the company’s product documentation or contact their customer support.