CO2 Double-Wide Incubator

Bellco Double-Wide CO2 Incubator SKU: 7728-00230

Bellco CO2 Incubators have 63 cubic feet of volume and are designed for use with Bellco’s Large Capacity Cell Production Roller Apparatus (86 Position). Multiple internal convenience outlets allow simple connection to internally placed appliances such as CPRA, Roller Drums, Magnetic Stirrers, etc. Fans take air from the chamber top, pass it over two 1100 watt heaters and re-inject it into the chamber on the back wall. A touchscreen temperature and CO2 controller allows simple setting and monitoring of chamber temperature. A safety thermostat is included to prevent over-temperature failures. Shelf brackets are included for mounting of optional shelves.To learn more or add to your quote today, click here:

CO2 Double-Wide Incubator SKU: 7728-S0230







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