100mm x 15mm Petri Dish w/Grip Ring, Sterile SKU: 2296-93000


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Cell Culture Dishes are available in Tissue Culture Treated and Non-treated Cell Culture versions. Petri (Non-treated Cell Culture Dishes) have thicker and more durable plastic than standard Petri Dishes – both can be used for the same applications. 60, 70 and 100mm dishes available with a pronounced grip ring for improved handling.


  • Vented lids contain molded spacers to allow gas exchange (except Part No. 2296-55000 which has a non-vented lid)
  • With griping feature
  • Working Volume: 15-16mL
  • Working Area: 55cm2
  • Case Quantity: 500

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Weight 553.6 oz
Dimensions 20.13 × 20.13 × 15.25 in