125mL Erlenmeyer Flask, Vent Cap, Baffled Bottom, PC, Sterile


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Lightweight plastic material is easier and safer to handle than glass
Designed for mammalian suspension culture applications as well as bacterial & yeast culture
Baffled flasks enhance both vertical and circular culture movement to improve aeration
Vent cap options are available to prevent the common mistake of unintentionally sealing the cap completely and preventing gas exchange
Polycarbonate available with vent cap only
Vent caps with 0.22μm hydrophobic membrane feature an oversized vent area for improved gas exchange without contamination
All flasks include molded graduation lines
Baffled flasks feature a molded 1/3 fill line to help ensure optimal working volumes
Individually bagged for easy storage and handling
Medical grade virgin Polycarbonate is autoclavable (temperature range of -80°C – 121°C)
Medical grade virgin PETG reduces gas permeability (temperature range of -80°C – 60°C)
Working volumes are recommendations only; optimize as required for individual protocols