Aluma-Seal II Non-Sterile & Sterile For Microplates SKU:4400-00700

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Aluma Seal II Film are 1.5mil soft permeable aluminum foil with medical grade adhesive. It eliminates the need for heat sealing devices or mats during thermal cycling. Aluma Seal II has less of a tendency to roll back when removing the backing paper and conforms well to the plate during application. Aluma Seal Films have excellent barrier properties with virtually no evaporation and are certified DNASE, RNASE and Nucleic-Acid free.


  • Pierceable With Pipettors & Robotic Probes: 83x143mm
  • Temperature Range: -80°C To 120°C
  • Traditional Pcr Thermal Cycling & Cold Storage Applications
  • Wxl: 83mm X 143mm
  • Thickness: 1.5mil
  • Co2 Exchange: No
  • Material: Aluminum



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