Cell Scraper, 39cm Handle, 30mm Scraper Blade, Sterile SKU: 2293-15000


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Cell Scrapers are designed to gently harvest cells from tissue culture flasks, dishes, or bottles. Soft, pliable blade won’t damage cells or scratch surfaces. Scraper blade is positioned parallel to the handle for windshield wiper like scraping. Lifter blade is positioned perpendicular to the handle for use with a raking motion. Pivoting blade Cell Scraper features free rotating blade that adjusts to the desired position, providing access to all corners of the flask or tissue culture vessel.


  • Handle Length: 39cm
  • Blade Length: 30mm
  • Blade Orientation: Scraper Parallel
  • Case Quantity: 100

Additional information

Weight 500 oz
Dimensions 27 × 27 × 27 in