Cell Strainer, 70um, White, Bulk Packed, Sterile SKU: 2294-84000


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CELLTREAT Cell Strainers can be used for many applications including isolating cells and removing clumps or debris. Polypropylene housing with nylon mesh filter eliminated the need to fabricate filters from gauze, paper, nylon mesh, or other materials. Cell strainers are designed to universally fit most brands of 50mL conical tubes. The CELLTREAT exclusive pestle design improves manipulation of material in the strainer during use. Convex pestle head includes molded textured surface to better manipulate slippery material in the cell strainer.


  • Extended lip on housing enables aseptic handling with forceps
  • Elongated gripping tab on housing for easy handling
  • Unique bulk packaging option available
  • 5.5 inch pestle length for convenient hand manipulation
  • Porosity Size: 70um
  • Color: White
  • Case Quantity: 50

Additional information

Weight 500 oz
Dimensions 27 × 27 × 27 in