Centrifuge Tube Racks

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Foam rack is a sturdy alternative to disposable paperboard racks.

Paperboard rack is a recyclable, fold-flat alternative to bulky foam racks

Plastic rack is manufactured from polypropylene and is autoclavable, reusable, and recyclable. Design of bottom prevents racks from sticking/freezing to surfaces. Widely spaced design catches drips and allows tubes to be retrieved more easily and chemically resistant to drips.

Case Quantity:

  • 2294-12000: 300 tubes
  • 2294-22000: 300 tubes
  • 2294-10000: 500 tubes
  • 2294-20000: 500 tubes
  • 2294-55000: 500 tubes
  • 2294-18000: 300 tubes
  • 2294-19000: 5
  • 2294-28000: 300 tubes
  • 2294-29000: 5

*Tubes come with rack purchases.

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