Colored Cap Centrifuge Tubes

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Graduations are printed in bold, easy-to-read black ink and are accurate to +/-2%. Large white marking area provides excellent contrast for identification. Easy to write on flat surface polyethylene (HDPE) caps feature integrated leak-proof seal. Tubes include graduations molded into the conical bottom, ideal for pellet viewing and small volume quantification. Convenient zip-closure bag is a practical alternative to folding and taping opened bags. Assorted color cap tubes allow easily color coding of samples for quick identification, customization, and increased productivity. Users report coding each color to a day of the week, a member of the lab, or a specific procedure. Each case of assorted color tubes (2304-11A00 and 2304-21A00) comes with a free plastic rack, and 4 bags of each individual color (red, yellow, green, blue, purple)


  • Plastic rack is manufactured from polypropylene and is autoclavable, reusable, and recyclable
  • Chemically resistant to drips
  • Design of bottom prevents racks from sticking/freezing to surfaces
  • Widely spaced design catches drips and allows tubes to be retrieved more easily

Case Quantity:

  • 2294-11000: 500
  • 2304-11A00: 500
  • 2304-11B00: 500
  • 2304-11P00: 500
  • 2304-11R00: 500
  • 2304-11Y00: 500
  • 2294-11000: 500
  • 2304-21A00: 500
  • 2304-21B00: 500
  • 2304-21P00: 500
  • 2304-21R00: 500
  • 2304-21Y00: 500