Permeable Cell Culture Inserts, Packed in 24 Well Plate, Hanging, PC, 8.0um, Sterile SKU: 2306-33000


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Permeable Cell Culture Inserts mimic in vivo conditions. Inserts center in wells, preventing membrane from touching sides and wicking between insert and side wall. Membrane remains suspended above well bottom, allowing co-culture: grow one cell line inside insert, and another below in the well. Ideal for drug transfer assays, transport studies, migration assays, and cell-cell interaction studies. Non-Treated Plates sold separately; carrier plate is Tissue Culture Treated which encourages cell adhesion.


  • 0.4µm pore size is ideal for co-culture and drug transport studies
  • 3.0µm and 8.0µm pore size are ideal for angiogenesis and chemotaxis experiments
  • Membrane Pore Size: 8.0um
  • Membrane Material: PC
  • Case Quantity: 24