Pipette Tips Reload System

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CELLTREAT Scientific Products Pipette Tips deliver high performance with exceptional value. A perfected balance between raw materials and efficient manufacturing process results in superior low retention. Pipette Tips are universal fit and compatible with major pipettes. Pipette Tips have smooth, hydrophobic surfaces to ensure accurate pipetting.


  • Molded volume reference markings offer a quick double check opportunity
  • Reload System offers a clear window for easy identification of color-coded wafers
  • Support wafers have large grasping tabs for easy removal from Reload System or Rack
  • Secure locking tab keeps reload system closed and prevents tumbling tips

Case Quantity:

  • 2290-52000: 1920
  • 2290-54000: 1920
  • 2290-55000: 1920
  • 2290-56000: 1920