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Slide-Sette Saver? is designed for shipping same patient pathology microscope slide and tissue/biopsy paraffin block in a single container. In addition to its utility in shipping pathology specimens, the Slide-Sette Saver? can be used to store specimens on a long term basis.

Used systematically, the Slide-Sette Saver? can save potential aggravation for time spent looking for misplaced slides and/or paraffin blocks when the need for retrieval arises
Shippers have a protective lid with living hinges
The microscope slide and cassette/paraffin block are cocooned inside their respective compartments with a high degree of protection and safety
Available in multiple colors, the Slide-Sette Saver? can be color-coded for various types of malignant tissues, for example, pink for breast cancer, yellow for bladder cancer and purple for pancreatic cancer
Manufactured under license from Moffitt Cancer Center
Plastic storage boxes are available