Sterile Test Tubes with Two-Position Caps 17x100mm 16 mL Polystyrene Individual pack SKU:1300-00299


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Sterile culture tubes are precision molded from premium-grade, chemically inert plastic materials: polystyrene (PS) for clarity and nearly-transparent polypropylene (PP) for toughness and chemical resistance. Over-fitting caps have inner ribs for two-position fits: loose for aerobic culturing and tight for anaerobic culturing and sealing with tabs to allow easy removal. All tubes are packaged in easy-to-open bags of 25 tubes each. All tubes are gamma radiation sterilized and shipped ready to use. Quality Assurance protocol provides lot-to-lot uniformity, as well as traceability and reliable, consistent performance. Note: Polyethylene (PE) closure only recommended to 80 C. Gamma irradiated Round bottom Caps fit loose for aerobic culturing or tight for anaerobic culturing Precision molded from clear polystyrene or nearly-transparent polypropylene co-polymer


  • Material: Polystyrene
  • Sterile
  • Size: 17x100mm 16mL
  • Individual Pack
  • Case Quantity: 500

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Dimensions 19.8 × 11.5 × 17.5 in