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Tamper Evident accessories provide safe, secure transport and storage for a wide range of applications: controlling the chain-of-custody for specimens in drug testing, maintaining the integrity of forensic samples, and preventing unauthorized access to any potentially sensitive or infectious specimens.

Accessories include:

Replacement locks
Extend the useful life of all sizes of tamper evident transit boxes and reduce the cost per use
All replacement locks are uniquely identified by number and color, both of which may be recorded on a chain-of-custody form
Made of high-impact polystyrene
One-way plastic cable ties
Provide additional security when passed through the eyelets of tamper evident transit boxes and locked
Once the teeth section passes through the locking portion, the plastic tie must be cut to be removed
Front edge is serrated to provide a grippable area for tightening
Temperature Indicator Strip
Liquid crystal with adhesive back
Mailing Box
Chipboard construction with locking tabs meets US postal regulations for mailing biological or etiological specimens
Basic Mailing Kit – includes:
Non-tamper evident box
10-ply absorbent lining
Double-sealing plastic bag
Mailing Box